Are you considering to do your next  course or internship in SEVILLA ?  


Go for it. You will not be disappointed.

It will be one of the best and most  enjoyable  experience   of your life.


The weather, the peculiar Andalusian way of living, the beauty of the city with its historical monuments  and the bubbly student life will offer  you new and stunning  sensations and leave in your memory unforgettable moments.


If you are also interested to learn or improve your Spanish, in Andalusia the «normal» language is Spanish. That way in every interaction  with local people you will be able to speak and hear Spanish. For your information, there are regions in Spain where their common spoken language is not Spanish. It can be «Catalan» = Barcelona and Valencia. Or «Basque» in the north of Spain.


SEVILLA, being the CAPITAL OF ANDALUCIA and cradle of the flamenco art,  offers  a breathtaking mix of Spanish, Moorish and Arabic  influences.


A stroll through its charming and narrow streets will be synonym of discovering magnificent monuments as  the GIRALDA,  the REALES ALCAZARES,  the  PLAZA DE ESPAÑA and many others.


A short cruise on the Guadalquivir will allow you to admire both banks with the TORRE DEL ORO on one side and the TRIANA QUARTER on the other, giving you a different perspective of the city.


SEVILLA with its TAPAS bars, terraces, restaurants and shops all around, will give   you the opportunity to have a taste of  the local gastronomy.


THE ROOMS OF SEVILLAROOMRENTAL are located in the Nervion quarter, which is considered nowadays the economical and commercial center of the city. It is together with the historical center   the most appreciated  and sought after area of Sevilla.

A little bit of history: in 1910, the Marquis of Nervion donated the land to the city. The urban development has been executed by the famous Sevillian Architect: Anibal Gonzalez.

In the neighbourhood you  will find “El Corte Ingles”, the most famous department stores chain  of Spain, also a large shopping center “Nervion Plaza”   with a lot of boutiques, bars and restaurants, as well as   20 movie theaters. And of course the Football Stadium of the “Sevilla Futbol Club” is just in the hart of the Nervion.


The Nervion quarter disposes of an   excellent transport network:

  • A dense bus and metro network all over the city.
  • The AVE Train Station (high speed)
  • The International Airport at just 10 minutes away, having a busstop directly to the Airport.
  • Metro to UPO.
  • Taxis all over the city.
  • Bycicle rental: always a station nearby.


What  else does offer you SEVILLA?


As MONUMENTAL CITY it offers you an excellent opportunity to plunge into the history with a capital letter. Visiting its monuments you will be subjugated by  its beauty and importance during the centuries. Sevilla has been very important in the Discovery of the “New World”, America (year 1492 A.C). The   original documents used and drafted  by Christopher Columbus can be admired at the “Archivos de Indias”. Also, his tomb can be visited inside the magnificent Cathedral, the third   biggest one in the world.


NIGHTLIFE is unique. First of all, the   shops are  open until very late which  gcreates a bubbly ambient.  Restaurants, bars, terraces…. always crowded   with Sevillians who know the secret of enjoying   life at each instant.  Late at   night: terraces, discotheques… are open with a fantastic atmosphere.


EVENTS: Authentic  Flamenco musico contests, Theater and Opera, typical bars with new   “spontaneous”  flamenco singers …  Cinemas… Special Student events…  Who is speaking about being bored?!!!


And of course, not to be missed:


LA SEMANA SANTA: The Holy Week Processions. A mix of EMOTION, RELIGION and TRADITION. Here you enter in an other world and dimension that has to be experienced to understand it. The “summum” is   to have the privilege to be   “iniciated” by a “capillita” (A Sevillian who is fervent fan  of the Semana Santa).


LA FERIA DE SEVILLA: the most famous flamenco fair of Spain, where men and women are wonderfully dressed with their typical “trajes de flamenco”. Eating, singing and dancing during 7 days it the sole rule during that period.




Yes? … Go for it…


SEVILLAROOMRENTAL can be your perfect partner.

We put at your disposal probably some  of the MOST BEAUTIFUL AND COMFORTABLE ROOMS YOU CAN FIND IN SEVILLA. Make your choice amongst the 10 units.


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